Crime Report In Windsor Ontario (Interactive Map)

Let us show you how dedicated and committed we are to helping create a safer community for all of us.
We are so glad you are here, because that means you are interested in educating yourself about crime in the City of Windsor.

JM Security Canada believes that education is a vital step towards safety. So, for your convenience, we have integrated a crime report map that will help you understand where crime is happening in the City of Windsor.

What the Windsor Crime Map Shows You

What’s great about this crime map is that it’s live and always updated!

The map shows ALL reported crime that has happened in Windsor over a one month period. You are also able to navigate the map to see more detailed reports in specific areas of the city.

This map can show you filtered crime data, making it easier for you to search what you are looking for. The data sorting tool allows you to search by date and incident type.

Lastly, this map can show you trends. Informing YOU on the top crimes that are happening during that month.

How to Use the Windsor Crime Map

At a quick glance you will see that this map shows many circular icons, these icons represent different types of crime that were reported in that specific area of the city.

Click on the circular icon on the map to learn the time, date, and where the crime happened.

You can filter the types of crime & date that they happened by clicking on the filter button at the bottom right hand side of the map.To navigate the map simply move your curser over the map and click and drag to move your POV to different areas of the city. Use the + and – buttons on the lower left-hand side of the map to zoom in and out for a wider or more narrow POV.

Overall, is Windsor Ontario safe? As you can see from the crime map, crime still happens here in Windsor. By continuing to look at crime trends, you'll be able to come up with your own answer to that question. Ours is that yes, Windsor is a safe place to live.

However, there are things that we all can do to keep our homes, properties and communities safe from crime.

For more detailed crime information please visit Windsor Police Services Website.
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