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Who we are

I’ve lived and worked in Windsor, Chatham, and London, and thankfully things are 99% safer here than they are in other parts of the world, and I’m thankful for that. Unfortunately, we’re not completely immune to break-ins, vandalism, or outright stupidity.  

Growing up in Windsor, our shed got broken into time and time again, and I remember being terrified that whoever was gutsy enough to kick down the door would end up doing the same thing to our house.  As a kid, I lost sleep over it. 

When I grew up and moved with my family to Walkerville, that same feeling came back when my own shed got broken into – the lock was cut with a bolt cutter.

I remember thinking:  “How desperate are these people to carry around a bolt cutter big enough to snip this reinforced lock, walk right by my back door, ignore the flood light, and then steal and carry around a leaf blower?!” 

I’m all grown up now, but the idea of that violation happening to my property while my wife and two kids were sleeping a few feet away inside was enough to make me lose sleep.

Why us

They say if you want a job done well, do it yourself…that’s exactly what we did. 

In 2017 we started JM Security Canada because we were frustrated with our own experience trying to find a good solution to protect our homes, families, and businesses. 

Though we didn’t say it out loud, we honestly weren’t sure if everyone else was as frustrated as we were with the terrible customer service, poor response times, and bait-and-switch sales tactics of the other security companies… 

As it turned out, the response from customers was overwhelming… 

After three years in business, we’ve been featured in Realtor.com, The Windsor Star, CTV News, 89X and Blackburn News, and quickly grew to become the top-rated local security provider servicing Windsor, Chatham and all the communities in between. 

Unlike the ‘big guys’ we answer your phone calls, respond quickly, and insist on giving you only what you need – not up selling you what you don’t. 

We bring advanced technical knowledge and support paired with the best customer service you’ll ever get.  Period. If you’ve never had a security system and just want to learn the basics, we’ve got you covered with our essential guide

Looking for more than just the basics? We wrote the definitive guide to smart home technology – this is for you if you want to control everything from your phone like you’re 10 years in the future. 

Not sure what you want?  Give us a call and we’ll bring you a coffee– on us.    

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