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Are you curious about alarm systems, security cameras or smart home automation? We have everything you need to know about security systems in Windsor, Ontario.

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Windsor is a wonderful community in which to live and work.The city has a rich history and offers many diverse neighbourhoods that include everything from river walks to great restaurants and bars. From the casinos, to the water park, to the beach, there is no shortage of things to do in Windsor.

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Is Home Security an Issue in Windsor?

Unfortunately, like many growing and thriving cities, Windsor is also experiencing increased crime. The Windsor Police’s statistics show that crimes, such as “break and enters” and motor vehicle thefts have risen over the last few years. Even more concerning is the fact that property crime is also on the rise in Windsor.

If you’re wondering about your neighbourhood’s safety, a good first step is to educate yourself about the area. For example, you can check out a crime map that illustrates the type and frequency of crimes in your community. There are also community-based programs such as Crime Stoppers that bring together local citizens, the media, and police to shine a light on and solve crime.

JM Security Systems Windsor
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Security Systems

Monitored Alarm

Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored security system is a combination of hardware (control panel, door contacts, window contacts, motion sensors, etc.) and software that works together to sound an alarm and send the police if your home or business is broken into.  

If a security breach occurs, and you have a monitored security systeminstalled by an alarm company, the alarm will sound, and the monitoring company will be alerted immediately via the wireless communications device built into the control panel. Depending on yoursystem, and company, an escalation could include notifying you via a mobile app, calling you directly and sending the appropriate emergency response personnel to respond to the alarm.

Check out our Guide to Security Systems for more info.


Surveillance Cameras

A security camera is a video camera that is mounted in a strategic spot so that it captures video that you can watch live.  It also records video footage for playback at a later time. There are many applications for cameras but the two most common are: capturing footage of thieves or trespassers, and checking in on and monitoring your home or business. Overall, security cameras provide a deterrent to home, vehicle, or business break-ins.

JM Security Canada offers surveillance cameras, but they must be paired with a monitored security system because we believe the two working together provide the best security solution.

Fore more information on security cameras, check out our Guide to Security Cameras.

Smart Home

Smart Home Automation

Connect and control your smart home devices with one simple app. You can access and control not only your security system but a smart thermostat, door locks, lights and garage door and more. When you open the app, your smartphone becomes a command center for your entire home. For more information, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Smart Home Automation.

  • Unlock your front door remotely
  • Monitor activity on your property
  • Answer your front door from your smartphone app
  • Save up to $200/year with a smart thermostat
  • Open and close your garage door remotely
  • Program lights according to a schedule
  • Turn outside lights on or off
  • Control your sprinkler system

Who is JM Security?

JM Security Canada is the top-rated, local alarm company for home and business owners.

We provide monitored alarm systems, security cameras and smart home automation and make the entire process really easy. We care about the safety of our customers because we live and work in the same communities they do.

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Marcy Kennedy

"I can't say enough good things about JM Security. The technology they use makes managing my security system so easy. They're great to work with--friendly, polite, and informative. Highly recommended."

Greg Hetherington

"Great company. Community minded, and Bethany was up on the latest technology that her company could provide. She gave us lots of options! I shopped around, and their price point is excellent. Highly recommend them for your home, or business."

Chelsea Naclerio

"This company was very personable, they followup, say what they will do and do what they say. The system is very slick. We are very happy we have this extra measure of security."

Mike Eves

"I can't say enough good things about JM Security. The technology they use makes managing my security system so easy. They're great to work with--friendly, polite, and informative. Highly recommended."

Chelsy Martin

"Highly recommend JM Security Canada! A local company that is so friendly and caring and amazing to deal with! Everything was easy and straight forward and installation took no time at all! The little things like bringing coffee to the consultation to flowers to say thank you are what counts! They make you feel appreciated. Thank you for making our home safe!''

Sara Grace Donally

"Kudos to JM Security for the excellent customer service and installation. The entire process from initial consultation with Sarah to the installation with William was a breeze. Both representatives knew their stuff and did great work. As a young woman living on her own, the added comfort provided by the JM system will ensure I can rest easy! I would highly recommend to anyone in the market! Thank you."

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