February 27, 2019

Customer Story: Beth Charron, Desjardins Insurance Lakeshore

Name: Beth Charron

Location of Business: Lakeshore, Ontario

Why did you get a security system for your business?

Beth is an entrepreneur, and owner of Desjardins Insurance agency in Lakeshore, Ontario.

Beth sells insurance to help protect her client's assets and loved ones, so naturally as she was running through the endless to-do list when getting her business operational, she was thinking about ways she could help protect her business.  She determined that a security system was a must-have.

Why JM Security Canada?

Beth appreciates her JM Security system because the security system itself is small and non-invasive (there is no "eye sore" on the wall). She is also a big fan of the mobile app that allows both her and her co-workers to log in and control the security system remotely from their phones.  


My name is Beth, and I opened up my own insurance agency in October of 2018 here in Lakeshore. We sell insurance that protects your belongings and your assets and your loved ones and so when you have a security system and you're protecting a home or your office it's it's taking care of what you invest your money and your time into. The features that I love most about the JM Security System is the fact that the product itself is not invasive, so in our newly designed office we didn't have to take up a lot of space or have an eyesore anywhere. It's all on our phones and on my staff's phones so whether we're coming over or going it's literally a tap on our phones and everything's taken care of so it's very discreet but does the job.

My experience in the JM Security to date has been amazing, right from the quoting process to the amazing deal that they had that helped offset the costs of the actual system for us.

I  have been affected by a break in many years ago. At the time there was not the technology so readily available. There were alarms and different things that started coming out but it wasn't as readily accessible and as affordable as what it is nowadays so from that point on I've always had a security system and they are incredibly affordable nowadays. Nothing compared to that peace of mind because I did find it very hard to sleep for a while afterwards so without getting a security system I would not even have been able to sleep in that same place.

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