Jan 24, 2020

Customer Story: Beth

Introducing Our Customer Beth!

Beth is the hard working business owner of Desjardins Insurance agency in Lakeshore, Ontario. Beth sells insurance to help protect people's assets and loved ones, so naturally she starting thinking about ways she could help protect her business. Beth determined that the only solution to protecting her business would be to install a security system. Beth loves her JM Security system because the security system itself is small and non-invasive (there is no "eye sore" on the wall). She is also a big fan of the home security app that allows both her and her co-workers to log in and control the security system remotely from their phones. Many years ago Beth was affected by a break-in. At that point in time security systems were expensive and not as readily available, but this is not the case anymore. Now they are very affordable and readily available, so Beth believes that there is no better time than now to invest in a security system.

"Nothing can compare to that peace of mind...I found it very hard to sleep for a while afterwards, so without getting a security system I would not have been able to sleep in that same place." - Beth.

Beth has had an amazing experience with JM Security so far and would highly recommend them to anyone.Watch Beth's full interview below:

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