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February 21, 2019

Windsor Crime Update: Property Crime on the Rise!

The following data is proved by the Windsor Police Services.

Please see Windsor’s crime reports map for a detailed report of crime.

In the month of February, 2019 there were 590 reported crimes in Windsor.

482 out of these 590 reported crimes are property related incidences.

Property crimes are on the rise, and are the leading reported crime in the Windsor area. Property related incidences are: theft, theft from a vehicle, property crime, breaking & entering.

Property crime are happening during the day.

According to the data provided by the Windsor Police Services, the majority of the reported property crime happens during the day, specifically between 9am-5pm.

You’ll notice that time range is typically when residents are away at work.

The takeaway: Windsor criminals target homes during the day when most homeowners are gone.

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