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March 20, 2019

5 Crime Prevention Tips for Spring

The spring season marks an end to winter weather, and a fresh start. Unfortunately, warmer weather typically brings an increase in property crime.

Here are 5 crime prevention tips you can follow to help reduce your chance of being targeted:

Make it look like someone is home even when you're away

Plan on going away this spring? That’s great! But be aware that burglars tend to strike when nobody is home. So make sure you have a plan to make it seem like your are still living in your home even though you might be thousands of miles away.

It would be a good idea to arrange for someone do regular maintenance of your home while you are away.


Well, If your flowers are healthy, your lawn is freshly cut, and the newspaper is being picked up everyday, it looks as if someone is home.You can also employ tactics such as timed outdoor lights that come on and shut off at a pre-determined time, or even motion sensor lights that turn on when motion is detected. When lights are on, burglars become deterred in fear of being seen.

ALWAYS keep your front, back and garage door locked

65 percent of break-ins occur by forcing in a front, back or garage door. Make door, and lock maintenance a part of your household to do list. Burglars are looking to spend as little time as possible on the scene, so a solid lock on door poses a severe obstacle to burglars.  Most will move on when a solid lock is in place.

Keep your valuables out of plain sight

According to FBI statistics, the average duration of a home break-in is between 8 and 10 minutes.  Burglars will target easy to carry, highly valuable items like small electronics, jewelry, cash, and even prescription drugs.  

Never keep these items out in plain sight, especially by a window. If burglars can look in to your window and spot multiple items of interest, you might as well put a sign on your lawn saying “rob me!”.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to store valuables in places they cannot be seen (i.e. drawers, cabinets, closet, a safe, under your mattress or pillow).

Keep up with local crime trends

Perhaps the simplest, yet the most overlooked method of preventing crime, is keeping up with local crime trends in your specific area of residence.It is important to be aware of specific details such as the most popular type of crime, the average time of day crimes are reported, and how often crimes happen. Any local authority should have this information available.

Check out Windsor's Crime Report Map for information on current crime trends in Windsor. The more you know about the crime trends in your area of residence, the better you can prepare yourself in anticipation for those crimes.

For example, if your area is known for theft from a vehicle you can take the proper precautions necessary such as keeping valuables out of your vehicle, always lock your vehicle, and even installing security cameras to help catch the thief.

Join neighbourhood watch

Have you ever thought of working with your neighbours to prevent crime? If you haven’t, it’s something you should consider. A neighbourhood watch consists of a group of neighbours coming together and acting to discourage crime in their neighbourhood.

It is an EASY and EFFECTIVE way to prevent crime! How can you start one? Find a group of neighbours who are interested in deterring crime and contact your local police to help get you started.

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