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February 14, 2019

All About Alexa: Alexa and Home Security

One of the hottest tech trends in the smart home automation industry right now is voice control.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal assistant? Someone who answers all of your commands without hesitation? Amazon Alexa is a device that does just that!  

Simply plug her in and ask her anything.

You: “Hey Alexa! Play Music."

Alexa: “Ok playing music.”

A response to simple commands is fun, but Alexa goes much farther than simply playing music, or telling you what the weather is like today. Amazon Alexa is a smart home product, meaning that she can connect to and control various other products in your home.

Amazon Alexa & Home Security

Home Security has reached an exciting time. Smart technology has made it possible to connect all of your security devices together so that you can control them from a single source. One of these sources of control can be your Amazon Alexa!


Here is how your Alexa and smart home security system can be used together:

Let’s say you have a smart security system installed in your home. Because your security system is a smart device, you can pair it to your Alexa and she will become a hub of control. The next time you need to arm or disarm your security panel you can ask Alexa to “disarm the panel” and she will communicate your request to your security panel.

In fact, you can pair multiple devices with Alexa.

So if you own a security system, and security camera, and light controls, you can control all of them with Alexa.

The Future of Alexa

Smart devices extend far beyond the home security industry, and you can use Amazon Alexa to connect to ANY smart home device you buy.

What does this look like?

In the future you could be asking you Alexa to turn on your TV, call your friend, re-stock your fridge, and more! All you need to do is pair up all your smart devices, and give Alexa the command.

What do you think about Alexa and home security?

Are you excited about our smart home future?

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