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March 13, 2019

My Break-In Story

My Break-In Story

On a summer day when I was just a teenager, I went over to check on a relative’s house who were away on vacation. It was a task I had done many times before without any issues. I would water the flowers, check the mail, and make sure the house was in good shape. But this time as I walked up to the door, I noticed something different...

There was splintered wood by the door frame and the door was ajar. It took a couple seconds for me to what register what I was seeing, but then it hit me: someone had broken the lock off the door frame and gone in the house.

I knew something was deeply wrong, so I raced back home to tell my parents. As my parents talked to the police I started thinking about the what if's:

What if the burglars had still been there when I arrived?

What if they took the family heirloom jewelry?

What if they were coming back?

It wasn’t until after the police investigation that my mother and I really started to see the extent of the devastation. We went in the house to clean up and saw that these burglars had taken so many precious items AND proceeded to trash the house.

The thought that someone else had been riffling through my loved one’s private belongings was heartbreaking.

After cleaning up and documenting stolen items, the following became clear:

  • Priceless heirloom jewelry was gone (including family gold, a ring from a late mother, and pieces given from husband to wife over years of marriage)
  • Important medication was gone
  • Special coins from an lifelong collection were gone
  • The thieves had looked for quick grabs and in their anger at not finding more, had ransacked the whole house
But even more devastating than the missing items, was the emotional impact.

The emotional toll on me, and the homeowners would remain long after the house was cleaned up, the police report was filed, and replacement items were purchased.

In talking with my family about the incident now, it is clear they are still dealing with the repercussions. To look over your shoulder while walking from the vehicle to the house, to lock the doors while home alone because there have been numerous daytime robberies on your street, to have the fear of being violated in a similar way again, to not feel safe in your own home, to have the thought always in the back of your mind.

It shouldn’t be this way.

I will remember the sick feeling of violation and helplessness forever.

It breaks my heart that people I love had to go through this, and still experience the effects years after the event.

This experience was part of my motivation for joining JM Security Canada as a Solutions Expert.

I want to do what I can to prevent others from having to go through this experience.

Now I get to help people keep their homes, possessions, and especially their loved ones safe and secure.

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