March 28, 2019

Customer Story: Jacalyn

Name: Jacalyn

Area of Residence: City of Windsor (Walkerville)

Why did a Home Security System?

Jacalyn is a successful and independent young lady who recently decided to purchase her first home in the City of Windsor. Being a pharmacist in the United States, Jacalyn sometimes works very long hours and can be away from her home for extensive periods of time. For this reason, along with the fact that she lives alone, Jacalyn decided it would be in her best interest to install a home security system. Jacalyn is not the greatest when it comes to technology, so getting a home security system that was user friendly was very important to her. In addition, she was looking for a security system that would allow her to gain access to and control her security system through her mobile phone while away at work.

Why JM Security Canada?

JM Security Canada was able to provide Jacalyn with all of these required features, and more. But most importantly, JM Security was able to provide both Jacalyn and her parents peace of mind knowing that she and her home are protected 24 hours a day.


My name is Jacqueline and I'm 28 I'm a pharmacist in the States and I'm a first-time homeowner. Being a new homeowner I think security is important because it takes a while before you get used to all the different noises in a home. Having a security system really puts your mind at ease.

I was hoping to get something that was very user friendly. I'm not that good with technology so something user-friendly was definitely what I was looking for as well as being able to access it from my phone while I'm away. I work long hours so sometimes I'm coming home in the middle of the night so it's helpful to know that I'm coming home to a secure home. Some of the features that I'm loving are the fact that I can access the panel from my phone so when I'm at work I can arm and disarm my home as well as the ability to give other family members that are working on my codes so that they can access my home while I'm away and do work. I would recommend JM security to a friend or family member. It was a very smooth process, they were very easy to work with and even since I've had my system installed they're very easy to get in contact with to answer any questions. Once I was in a panic at work and didn't know if my security system was on so I was able to contact someone and they put my mind at ease and helped me through how to turn on my system through my phone.

Moving out of my childhood home into my own home was tough but I was definitely ready for the move being 28 and having my own job but I think my parents biggest concern was definitely security and how are you going to be able to sleep at night. What if you hear something or someone knocks at your door. Definitely, JM Security not only puts my mind at ease but puts my parents minds at ease.

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