November 15, 2018

How To Prevent Crime In My Neighbourhood

Are you starting to feel that crime and theft is on the rise in your neighbourhood?

Are friends, family, and coworkers talking about break-ins to their home or vehicle?

Graffiti and other property damage becoming more relevant in your area of residence?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you are probably wondering if there is anything you can do?

The answer is YES!

JM Security Canada wants you to know that there are action steps you can do to reduce crime in your neighbourhood:undefined

1) Security Cameras

It is FACT that security cameras significantly help in deterring and detecting criminals.

Why is this the case?

Security cameras have given people a way to have 24/7 surveillance over their homes, meaning that they WILL catch criminals on video should one choose to target your home. Therefore, many criminals are deterred when there is a security camera threat.

Think about it from the perspective of a criminal…If you know a specific neighbourhood is heavily equipped with security cameras, or if you see a security camera, would you risk being seen by choosing to target that area anyways?

The answer is a definite NO.


2) Keep up with Local Crime Trends

Perhaps the simplest, yet the most overlooked method of preventing crime, is keeping up with local crime trends in your specific area of residence.

It is important to be aware of specific details such as the most popular type of crime, the average time of day crimes are reported, and how often crimes happen. Any local authority should have this information available.

The more you know about the crime trends in your area of residence, the better you can prepare yourself in anticipation for those crimes.

For example, if your area is known for theft from a vehicle you can take the proper precautions necessary such as keeping valuables out of your vehicle, always lock your vehicle, and even installing security cameras to help catch the thief.


3) Home Security Systems

Security systems are ESSENTIAL if you live in an area with high crime rates.

They are designed to monitor your property, deter intruders from attempted break-ins, and remotely keep your house secure.

image1 1

After installing a security system, JM Security provides the homeowner a JM sticker or lawn sign.  

It has a subconscious effect on potential intruders!

If a potential burglar is walking down the street and sees a home with a sign out front, and one without, they will target the unprotected home every time.

Now, imagine if multiple properties in your area have lawn signs and security systems installed. Rather than skipping over a house to target, the burglar will be inclined to skip the whole neighbourhood!

But what if a sticker and lawn sign isn’t enough? We got you covered.

Any modern home security system will come with 24/7 monitoring, and the offer to connect your smartphone to instantly receive notifications if suspicious activities are happening around your propertyThere are also many other benefits to a home security system such as:

  • Lower home insurance
  • Home automation
  • Peace of mind & no worries
If you’re interested in having one of our security solution experts perform an in-home consultation, you can reach out at any time.

4) Motion Light Sensors

If you live in an area where property crime is high, JM Security Canada recommends you install motion light sensors.

Can a simple light really prevent an intruder from breaking into my home?


Remember the movie Home Alone? When the two Wet Bandit burglars tried to enter the McCalister home through the back door, they were warded off by the light that was turned on by young Kevin McCalister.

image2 1

The burglars are warded off by light because this had indicated that someone was in the home. Motion light sensors are installed outside a home and are activated when it senses a moving object. If a burglar walks by the sensor, a light will be turned on, and the burglar (not wanting to get caught) will be warded off by the light.

5) Neighbourhood Watch

Have you ever thought of working with your neighbours to prevent crime?If you haven’t, it's something you should consider.

Image result for neighbourhood watch windsor sign

A neighbourhood watch consists of a group of neighbours coming together and acting to discourage crime in their neighbourhood. It is an EASY and EFFECTIVE way to prevent crime!

How can you start one?

Find a group of neighbours who are interested in deterring crime and contact your local police to help get you started.

Time to Take Action!

You have the urge, and now hopefully you have a starting place for your mission of making your neighbourhood a safer place. On behalf of JM Security Canada we thank you for your interest in wanting to protect your community. We’re looking to make communities safer, one home at a time.


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