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February 7, 2019

The Key to a Stress-Free Vacation

How many times have you gone on vacation but found yourself worrying about your home?

Did I leave the lights on? Did I remember to lock the front door? We are expecting lots of rain, is my basement going to flood?

Your body might be thousands of miles away, but your mind is back home. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go on vacation and truly relax, completely stress free?

One way to reduce stress while on vacation is to actually know that your home is safe by installing a home security system with remote monitoring!

What is Remote Monitoring?

Smart homes are the future of home security. Remote monitoring is simply one of the functions of a smart home.

Your mobile phone is a smart device, and is the most common device used by our customers to control their security systems and other smart security devices.

As long as you are connected to the internet you have full control over your security system.

What do I Need?

Just two things: A smart home security system, and a mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop).

Once you have both, you can download our app to your device and use it to control and monitor your security system and other smart security devices from anywhere - even thousands of miles away while on vacation!

Remote Monitoring is Beneficial to Snowbirds...or ANYONE!

Remote monitoring is beneficial because you can control and receive notifications from your security system to your mobile device anytime, anywhere, as long as your are connected to the internet!

Therefore, if you are on a beach sunbathing and realize you might have forgotten to arm your security system, or close your garage door, there's no need to worry. Simply pull out your phone, open our app, and check.

If you did forget,  you can arm your system or close your garage door with the click of a button.

Additionally, with remote monitoring you will receive important updates such as freezing, floods, or water leaks.

Peace of mind during your vacation at last!

Enjoy a stress-free vacation by installing a home security system with remote monitoring!

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