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April 7, 2019

Protecting Your Business From 'Smash and Grab' Break-ins

Protecting your business is more important than ever, and there is now a line of safety and security window films available in Windsor that are affordable and effective at preventing loss and adding to your peace of mind – without making your storefront look like a prison cell.

Want to see it in action?

This is how it works: The multi-layer laminate film is applied to existing windows, and forms a tough and durable protective shield when professionally installed. While windows can still be smashed, the security film holds the glass in place to significantly increase the time and effort it would take to break into a business.

Local business owner Mark Dutka attempts to smash a pane of glass covered with 3M Safety Film.

“It’s a huge deterrent to smash-and-grab crimes,” said Eric Janssen, Co-Founder of JM Security.  “When paired with a security system, as soon as the glass breaks, the alarm will sound and alert authorities, and the window will hold in place to prevent any entry.”

To determine interest, JM Security and Windsor Window Imaging have met with dozens of local downtown business owners who collectively feel that this new solution will give them peace of mind.

“Many of the robberies we’re seeing downtown are happening quickly: a smash with a brick, or hammer, run in, grab what you can and get out,” says Rusty Johnston, Owner of Windsor Window Imaging.

This will slow thieves down, call attention to their deeds, and make them move along quickly.

JM Security Canada and Windsor Window Imaging have come together because they care a lot about Windsor, and the entrepreneurs who own and operate local businesses.   Through conversations with local police, and community safety organizations, their hope is that over time, criminals will know that the downtown core is protected and that petty theft will be eliminated.

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