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June 1, 2019

Welcoming our newest team member: Tyler Demarce!

Here We Grow Again!

Starting new things is hard, but having a great team makes it easier.  

I don't know what we did to deserve the people that have joined our team over the last few years, but they truly are the difference-makers for our business.

Part of why we started the company was to employ some of our top local talent, and to give bright young people an option to stay in Windsor-Essex, or Chatham-Kent.  We're proud to employ a local team, and appreciate the community support as we grow the company.

Our top priority right now is awareness: getting our local communities to know that we exist.  We're tackling this in a number of ways but we've found one of the most effective, and most personal ways to connect with our community is (no surprise) going to talk to them in person!We've made knocking on doors a priority over the last month and it's paying off.  

Chatham and Windsor-Essex residents are becoming more familiar with our services, and more aware that neighbourhood safety is everyones responsibility.  

In order to continue to spread the word, we've brought on a new team member, Tyler Demarce that we're excited to introduce to you today.

Tyler Demarce Windsor Ontario
Welcome to the team Tyler!

What is your full name?

Tyler Joseph Demarce.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Belle River, Tecumseh area just outside of Windsor.

Where did you go to school?

I am currently attending the University of Windsor as a student in the school of Social Work with a completed minor in Sociology.

What’s your superpower (what role do you play on the team)?

My superpower is similar to Batman in that I have a very vast set of tools and skills I’ve built up over a career of working with people. This tool kit/belt has helped me cater to the needs of others as well as addressing situations adeptly. My role on the team is to serve our customers, and make sure that I'm able to educate them on the importance of community safety and security.

Why did you join JM Security Canada?

I joined JM Security Canada because I have a passion for community work and getting involved. I was in a job search for something to keep me motivated and continue learning over the summer months, while keeping true to my intentions as a Social Worker. JM Security seemed like a perfect fit for these objectives.

What do you like the most about being a part of JM Security Canada?

I like that JM’s focus has always been to improve the knowledge and safety of the community around it.  As a big promoter of safe action (my nickname at home is “safety bear”) this is important to me. This position has allowed me to reach out to a community I want more to become more involved in.  Being a part of JM has also given me the opportunity to experience a new (to me) hands-on approach with new individuals with fresh, interesting life stories.

What do you do for fun?

I have lots of hobbies and interests. I love reading all genres, but most of all Horror!  My most recent favourite is Metro 2033. I enjoy playing video games with my partner as well, but only like to play games that I can play with friends or that have large, interesting stories. I really love getting out and going for long walks or being in nature, and especially like camping! Nothing better than a lovely campfire with my family. I also have a lovely daughter at home, who I love to play games with and (to my pained soul) watch Paw Patrol.  I also regularly host and take part in Dungeons and Dragons sessions with my friends.

What’s your favourite food?

As a person who identifies as a Foodie, this is a fun question to answer.  My favourite thing all on its own is cured salmon (sushi style) with a little bit of soy sauce, yum! I also love roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy. Finally herbs and spices I’ve harvested from my own garden.

What’s your favourite holiday?

I’m not really a holiday person, but I’m not a humbug either. I like Christmas and Easter, because of the family and wonderful food. My favourite season is right around Halloween with the changing leaves and smells of the trees.   Welcome to the team Tyler, we know you'll do great!

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