November 29, 2018

5 Crime Statistics You Should Know If You Live In Windsor

November is crime prevention month.

In lieu of this, JM Security has been taking a proactive approach by pushing crime preventative actions such as our Home Security Assessment, and new blog posts all to help keep the City of Windsor safe. We have a mission to help everyone in their city feel safe.

Hopefully, by sharing crime stories and statistics, we can help spread the word and keep each other safe in our communities.

Crime Rates In Windsor, Ontario

Crime rates in the City of Windsor have been rapidly growing over the past year, however, most residents are unaware of this alarming statistic. As a home and business security company who is dedicated to keeping our community safe, we feel it is our duty to bring awareness to Windsor’s growing crime rates and change this city for the better.

Below is our list of 5 Crime Statistics Every Windsor-rite should know.

1) Windsor’s Crime Severity Index Increased by 7% in 2017

Windsor Handcuffs

This significant increase was reported in Stats Canada earlier this year. This has been a slight increase from 2016. Crime severity index is calculated based on the number of reported incidences, meaning that this number could be higher if all incidences were reported.

2) A Robbery or Attempt at Robbery Happens Every 2 Days in Windsor

Windsor Ontario Police

It is a scary thought knowing that innocent Windsor homes and businesses are being robbed every few days. So why do so many of us sit back and pretend that this wouldn’t happen to our very own business or our family? A great way to protect yourself and those you love is by supporting or joining local crime prevention organizations such as the safety village, united way, DWBIA, Windsor police and more!

3) Every 5 and a Half Hours Someone Attempts a Break- in.

According to the Windsor Police crime clock (2017), not only does a break in happen every day in Windsor but multiple times a day.

Do not allow yourself to be a part of this statistic.

A crime preventative action to take, that is often overlooked, is making sure your home or business looks lived in.  Trim hedges and trees so there are fewer places for a criminal to hide, make sure to keep all doors locked and armed, and be sure to have lights on or motion sensor lights installed. A criminal will most certainly turn back if it looks like someone is living in the building.

4) Property incidences are the most common crime in Windsor

There were a grand total of 803 property crimes in the past month, and 3576 crimes in the past 6 months (May-Nov).

Property incidences include Theft, Theft from a vehicle, Property crime, and Breaking & Entering.

Windsor Crime Statistics

Click here to view a live updated map.

5) Most of the Property Crime in Windsor Happens Between 9 am and 3 pm

Alarm Clock

It is common to think that most crime happens at night when there is more cover for the criminal.

In Windsor this is not the case, most of the reported property incidences happen between 9am-3pm, approximately the same time that people are away from home working.

Now is the Time to Act!

It is Crime Prevention Month! So there is no better time than now to join JM Security Canada in taking action against crime in Windsor. We hope that reading this article has made you aware that Windsor is a city in need of crime preventative actions, and that there are many actions you can take to help prevent crime in our city.

If you haven’t already, make sure to download our home security checklist! A simple 29 step assessment could be the difference that protects your home from the next crime.

Windsor Downtown
Photo credit: Christina Nadar

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