October 21, 2019

Security Companies in Windsor/Chatham – Why Local Is Best

If you are in the market for a home security system or home monitoring system provider in the Windsor or Chatham area, this post will offer some advice on why you should focus on local companies and what to look for in creating your provider short-list.

Whether you are moving and need to upgrade an existing monitoring system, or you are new to the home security or “Smart Home” marketplace, the tips and insight in this article should help you find a local security provider that meets your needs.

Why choosing a local Windsor or Chatham security company is so important

We hear a lot lately about “buying local”, but why is that important? When it comes to shopping for groceries, there are many reasons to buy locally produced foods. It is better for the environment when food doesn’t need to be shipped long distances, saving fossil fuel and reducing air pollution. It also reduces the need for refrigeration, which also damages the environment.

There are economic benefits to “buying local”

Did you know that there are also economic benefits for the community in “buying local”?

Research suggests that “independent locally-owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of revenue locally compared to absentee-owned businesses (or locally-owned franchises*).  

In other words, going local creates more local wealth and jobs.”  This is sometimes referred to as the “multiplier effect”, because there are direct, indirect, and induced impacts on the local economy.

These include:

  • Direct impact: which includes the money a local business spends in their community to operate their business, which involves product inventory, utilities, equipment, and employee salaries.
  • Indirect impact: money local businesses spend on other businesses in their area
  • Induced impact:  the additional consumer spending that results from a local business’s owners, employees or affiliated partners might spend in the local economy.

Local businesses also support their local communities through donating to local non-profits, charities and other community-focused organizations. For example, JM Securities Canada supports and partners with the Chatham-Kent Crime Stoppers by sponsoring the Crime of the Week in Chatham, we work with local organizations to keep neighbourhoods safe like our recent security camera system install in Ford City, and we invest in local partnerships like the work we do with Windsor Window Imaging.  

Don’t always “go big” when it comes to your home

We often hear the expression “go big or go home”. But in the case of home security providers, you are much better to steer clear of the large national companies, and stay much closer to home. While the national international security companies might appear to have a larger network of technicians or a more significant online presence, your needs will likely be better served by a smaller, local provider. Below, we outline the key reasons why you should stick with local companies to meet your security needs.

Top 4 reasons to shop local for home monitoring systems:

Aside from the local economic benefits, let’s get more specific … what exactly are the reasons you should look to local companies to provide your home monitoring or security system?  

1. They have first-hand knowledge of your local community.

Local providers understand your area crime landscape and your potential vulnerabilities. Every town, city or even county are very different. For example, your needs in the Chatham, Essex, Windsor and area, are not the same as, for example, people living in Toronto or Ottawa. Each area has specific crime profiles and security risks.

A local company knows about local crime rates, the type of crimes occurring in their community and the impact specific types of home security tactics are having on local crime. For example, JM Security keeps abreast of crime in the Windsor and Chatham areas.  We are also dedicated to keeping the Windsor and Chatham communities safe.

In addition, a local home security provider knows what strategies or tactics may or may not be working to keep people and properties safe in their neighbourhood.

2. They have local security experience and technical expertise.

As noted above, understanding the type and incidence of crime in your area and how to best prevent it is critical. For example, currently in the Chatham and Windsor area, at JM Security Canada, we know that the most common crimes are:

  • “Break and enters” on private property (mostly sheds/garages)
  • “Break and enters” for businesses (churches, local businesses)
  • Vehicle theft/break-ins

With this knowledge, when a local security company comes to discuss your specific needs, they can advise you and customize a system that will reduce your vulnerabilities for those specific crimes.  Keeping abreast of local crime incidence, and being active in your community, a local provider can determine the most effective security products and services for you.

3. They can provide optimum customer service and in-home support.

One of the biggest reasons customers switch to JM Security Canada is the customer service.  Larger national or international companies become more cost effective by outsourcing their customer care and support overseas.  If you have technical questions, and want to speak with a real human on the phone, you’ll be re-routed to an offshore call center who is incentivized to keep the call as short as possible.  When you call us, you get a real human who lives and works in the same community that you live in, and is incentivized to help you.  It provides great peace of mind, knowing that someone is available in your local community to come to your assistance when needed.

4. They can be trusted.

When it comes to your peace of mind about your family and property’s safety and security, you want to deal with a local business you can trust. After all, when you are having tradespeople into your home to set up alarms or cameras, you want to ensure they are trustworthy. By working with a local business, you are able to get to know these folks on a personal level. After all, local business people live and work in your community, so they have a stake in keeping their neighbours and neighbourhood safe!

Since many local businesses rely on referrals and recommendations, they usually work hard to ensure they offer optimum customer service and support to maintain a great reputation.

What to look for in your Windsor or Chatham home security provider

When considering your options for local home security companies, what exactly should you be looking for? Here is a brief list of questions to get you started with your search:

Does the company have an office in Chatham and/or Windsor?

This is important, since you want to ensure that technical and service support is available near you.

Do they offer free in-home assessments?

Local security companies will have keen insight on your community.  In order to provide an effective system that is customized to meet your family and property’s specific needs, they need to meet with you to discuss objectives, comfort levels, concerns, as well as inspecting your home and property.

Do they offer a range of options, including both basic monitoring systems and “Smart Home” systems?

Whether you’re looking for a basic system or a state of the art “Smart Home”, it’s important to be able to review your hardware and software options, and know what the range of monthly fees might entail for the various levels of service options.

Is the company a member of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA)?

Like JM Security Canada, CANASA is dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests and safety of all Canadians through education, advocacy, and leadership. By ensuring your potential provider is a member of this organization, it demonstrates that their company also upholds the highest standard of excellence in all areas of business.

Do they provide local customer support via phone and in-person?

As noted earlier, one of the key benefits of “shopping local” is access to quick response when you need technical support.

Are installations and support conducted by their employees rather than sub-contractors?

You want to know your provider offers a team of in-house service support technicians. We all have painful stories of dealing with large telecommunications providers who promise at-home service, but constantly disappoint due to miscommunication with their sub-contractor technicians. When it comes to your home security, you want immediate support from a dedicated team.

Finding the right home security company fit for you

Once you’ve identified a short-list of at least three local security providers, request an in-home consultation so that you can review your custom options, pricing, as well as service and support guarantees.

We hope that you will include JM Security Canada on your short-list of local security companies in the Windsor/Chatham area.

Contact our team who will take the time to listen and understand what you want to accomplish and recommend a customized solution to offer you peace of mind.

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